The Pod - A Truly Wireless, Waterproof* Insulin Pump*

• Wear the small, discreet wireless insulin pump to deliver your insulin without shots or tubing.

• No tubing to snag, tangle or dress around; the first completely tubeless insulin pump.

• A truly durable and waterproof insulin pump; so you can bathe, swim and be as active as you like.*

• Delivers insulin based on your personalized settings—precisely what you ask for,  when you ask.

• Insulin reservoir, angled infusion set, automated inserter, pumping mechanism and power supply are all built right in.

• Weighs just 25 grams with an empty reservoir—so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing an insulin pump.

• Inserts automatically at the push of a button, with no needles in sight.

• Pink slide insert, visible on the top of the Pod, provides added confidence that the cannula has deployed.

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