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Top Quality, Name Brand Supplies

We offer a wide range of quality, name brand blood glucose meters and diabetes supplies to help members monitor their blood glucose levels as directed by the doctor.

Using the meter and diabetes supplies that best meet the member’s needs will improve their treatment regimen and result in better control of diabetes.

One Call

All Inclusive

One phone call is all it takes. Our professional staff will do the rest! We verify your insurance and contact your doctor's office for the required authorization. Start enjoying the benefits of home delivery today.

Monitors, Strips, DTS Supplies, and Insulin Pump Supplies. Each participant will also receive personal tools to help manage diabetes including journals, food recipes, portion planners, goal setting charts, etc.

Built For Members

It all starts with supplying the highest quality supplies. Next, comes support– apps, text messages, emails and printed materials – how you’d like it. Onehealth positively impacts behavior. As a result, Onehealth’s programs dramatically reduce medical claims from diabetic incidents.

Monitoring blood sugar levels is the only way individuals with diabetes can manage their disease. Testing the concentration of glucose in the patients' blood needs to be performed several times a day and to have those supplies on hand without interruption is critical for compliance. A mail order process, together with the strong, communicative program described above, reminds individuals with diabetes about the importance of consistently maintaining their blood glucose at the appropriate level. Family physicians rarely offer such all-encompassing programs and when they do, the cost is prohibitive because they simply don’t have Onehealth’s efficient, integrated processes. Likewise, the standard pharmacy chain simply fills prescriptions with no support for your employees and their families.

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